Sunday, September 22, 2013


     Although I thought that Taka could've taken a stronger approach, ,I generally, liked what I was hearing. Park, as usual, didn't understand anything at first, because he didn't listen to Taka, also, as usual. We had to repeat things a few times, with me "translating," time to time, Taka's difficult to understand  English. Basically, he told them and I supported him that, they are welcome to stay paying the same rent if I can be still Roberta's caretaker. Otherwise we would get bankrupt, for sure. supporting two more adults.Roberta said that she wanted to be with her husband and with me. Park had no other choice than to say that they both wanted that and that he was just too distraught when he gave me hard time. Right! Just distraught! Smeared my reputation and humiliated me because he was momentarily upset! 
     I avoided looking at him, but also said that I should've had more patience. It's true, I should've. They assured us that they had no other plans than to live at our house. Hurrah for peace among nations!

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