Tuesday, September 17, 2013


     In the midst of all the drama and anxiety about the troll Park (it began to chafe on me to call him Dr. I don't even think that he is really a Dr.) and Roberta's injury, yesterday I took Sonny to get his Driver's License. Understandably, he was very nervous. Not only is it an exam, but it's an exam with the teacher sitting right next to you and checking off your every mistake! I don't recollect if I told you, but it took me, personally, 7 times to take that test! Yes, 7! My wise, in most things, husband, told me to go and try for it every day. Well, if the people at DMV (Department of Motor Vehicles) see you there every day, they know that you have not been practicing driving too much. After I, finally, gave up on the test and started to drive everywhere (I had to take care of my children, parents and some other people), I got enough practice and confidence to ace the Driving test.
     Sonny has been driving with me every day. He became quite good. I took him to the DMV yesterday, saw him through the necessary lines and procedures and waited. In no time at all he was sitting at my shoulder, - a big grin on his face! I also squealed a little from the joy for Sonny. Then he gave me the keys to the car and said that I should drive home because he was too nervous still!

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