Thursday, September 12, 2013


     I don't know, if I pay enough attention to Sonny. Hanah has always demanded more attention, and there wasn't an alternative universe where she was not going to get it! I drove her to school and shopping, while Sonny just happened to go to the same school or just came along with us. When we went to a store, I would be whipping myself into a shopping frenzy, choosing clothes for Hanah and changing them for other ones, while Sonny would quietly find some shirts or pants for himself and bring them to me for final approval. He is a great kid, and he loves Hanah more than she deserves. I am so proud of the strength that he displays. Of course now he is the only child at home, but Hanah's mishaps with money happen with disturbing regularity. Then we all have to jump and provide her with necessary funds. Sonny's needs again take second place.
     When I ask him if he feels neglected, Sonny always assures me that he doesn't. I only hope that my boy is not going to pay for this later, when all the pent up resentment will find it's way out.

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