Wednesday, September 11, 2013


     I promised Asale to enter all the new contacts' names into her data base. After messing with it for awhile, I managed to do so. In reply to my victorious e-mail, Asale wrote: "Praise God! Now write a small letter, welcoming new people and telling them that we'll be soon writing to them about some new events." Hmm... I liked that! 
     Letter written, I contacted Asale again. "Praise God!" - she said - "I'm in Hayward. Can I stop by at your house?" 
     In my house, at that particular moment, sat an insurance agent who came to meet with Roberta and Dr. Park. I was still mad at Dr. Park for this morning (he outright refused to listen to me), so I decided that I won't involve myself in the talks with the agent. Of course, it didn't work out, because I heard Roberta starting to tell her stories to the agent (most of them are a figment of her fertile imagination) and NOT remembering the pertinent information at all. I offered to help. Half an hour into this, Asale called and told me that she was coming. No, I didn't say "Praise God!", but thought: "The more - the merrier!" - and told Asale to come.
     The problem with Roberta is that it's very hard to stay on track, once she starts spinning yarn. I got so "spun around" that, when Dr. Park moodily announced: "Somebody is looking for you!" (what a charmer!), I forgot that it was, probably, Asale. 
     To be continued....

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