Thursday, September 12, 2013


     When I was traveling around the Western States in the U.S., our team included a lot of people from Europe. I came to America about a year before and could hardly understand plain English, never mind when it was spoken with a German or Japanese or, especially, British accents. Actually, the British accent was the hardest to understand. Fortunately for me, people on the team were very tolerant and quite taken by the fact that among them was a person from the Soviet Union. I had a big success not only with my team members, but with almost everyone that I came in contact with. Of course, one of my church brothers, upon hearing me speak before we were properly introduced, asked me in an annoyed fashion: "What are you talking like that for?" He thought that I was just putting on an act, maybe due to my "female wiles". But most of the time I had no trouble, except when I had to comprehend the weird way the Brits spoke. One of them became my close friend. I tortured her with unending questions about this word or that, or saying each second: "How do you say that?" Jean seemed to have a good time with me and we became inseparable.
 Her last name started with an M, and so did mine. We were known as "M&Ms". 

To Be Continued....

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