Monday, September 23, 2013


     Have I ever told you about a beer joint, roses, a library book and a switchblade? Well, gather together, children, and listen to these tales of unexpected victories and, perhaps, terror...
     Sometimes, when faced with sudden challenge, I was later able to break through some energy barrier, and bring high results.
     I was often selling stuff to support my church. These are the stories from that period of my life. Once I walked into an Irish bar somewhere in Seal Beach, California. The guys were sitting on their stools, as usual, watching football and talking about... What do guys talk about in these situations? Nothing good, I assure you!
     The barkeep fixed me with an icy stare: "What do you want?" That was not an auspicious beginning, but I cheerfully replied: "My roses need a home!" That got the attention of a few patrons. Most of the time, my first line elicited some laughter, but not here. 
- "Where are you from, girly?" I love Irish accent, don't you? But it didn't look like they liked my, thick then, Russian accent.
- "I'm from Russia."
- "Russia?!"
- "But I'm Jewish."
- "Jewish?!!"
- "Yes, sir, I'm raising funds for my church!"
- "Church? Are you a Moonie?!!!"
     By then, all of the men on the stools turned around and were glaring at me. I heard some swear words and a lot of negative responses to my admission that I, indeed, was a Moonie. No matter how much I tried to turn the conversation into a light banter, it didn't work. 
     They surrounded me and began to scream hateful remarks about my church, Rev. Moon, Russia, Jews and everything else they could blame me for. To tell the truth, I also got really hot under the collar. I get that way sometimes, and then there is no stopping me. 
     After about five-ten minutes of this, I felt that it would be prudent to make my way to the door. The mob followed me out, and a barkeep shouted at my back: "And don't ever come back!" I drew my whole being up, all 4 feet 11 inches of me, and yelled back: "Yes, I will!" I admit, it was not the wittiest as the responses go, but something in the spiritual energy around me moved then, and in thirty minutes more I sold out all of the roses! 
To be continued...

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