Tuesday, September 10, 2013


     Last night, we heard a lot of noise in the backyard. It sounded like an army camped there! As Sonny tried to see what was going on out of the window, the light went on from the motion sensor. A whole bunch of raccoons were milling around the cat food dish that we leave on the back porch! They were all gray, probably a family, because some of them were much smaller than others. There were just four of them, but it was hard to count exactly. I knew that there was very little food in the bowl that they were attacking, that's why I didn't take it in, as Taka asked me to do. And here he was, my hubby, his face - a mask of humorous grief, coming from the bedroom. "They damaged many plants" - he said - "and I can't sleep because of all that noise!" I felt sorry for him, but my eyes were drawn to the furry bodies climbing over each other to get the long-gone food pellets. The food bowl was overturned, so was the water bowl. What did it remind me? I couldn't figure this out, until today we began to talk about the church leadership. "That's it!" - I exclaimed, suddenly getting the message that my brain was sending to me since I saw the raccoons, - "This is what the Moon kids and the Korean leaders look like now, trying to divide Rev. Moon's legacy and fortune!" 

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