Sunday, September 8, 2013


    Mary was here with a visit. We had a small lunch and went to seat on a couch and talk. We talked about many things, including health. She said that there is some bacteria in our system that is supposed to regulate our weight! The foods that promote the growth of that bacteria are the fermented foods, like Kimchi or Sour Krout. Perhaps, - even beer! Think of that: the things that are certain to give us gas or damage our stomachs, like super spicy Kimchi, as well as beer, that carries it's own problems, are the ones that we have to consume in order to lose weight. I wonder, what will happen first: the weight loss or the ulcers! 
     Mary and I chatted about a few other things, not the last of which was the situation with our church. That is already giving me ulcers! Keeping the status quot is unthinkable, but it seems, there is, what Lenin called, a revolutionary situation. Which means that the simple folks don't want to live the same way and the leadership doesn't want to change anything. That would be easier than what is happening. Most of the simple folks don't want to change anything either. We all spent a huge part of our lives in the church, giving to and fighting for it. How do we step away from it and make a one hundred eighty degrees turn in our outlook on life? 

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