Saturday, September 28, 2013


     This was supposed to be a lazy morning. I got up later than usual, took a shower, was taking my sweet time getting dressed. Suddenly, - Park's voice: "Sonny, your mom's friend is here!" Notice, how he didn't even try to address me? 
      I ran into the living room already knowing whom I will find there. The Red Headed Monster, her brother and mother were sitting on the couches, their bright faces immediately raising my spirits. As soon as she saw me, the Red Headed Monster sang:"I will watch TV!" Her brother joined the chorus: "I will eat popcorn!" They had a thought together and sang in unison: "I will watch TV and have popcorn!" It's their usual program in my house. Lacking the popcorn this time, I opened a box of Almond Cookies. Kids satisfied, I turned to mother. She brought one of her home made cakes and set it on the table. She wanted to just sit and talk in the living room though. In a few minutes, Roberta's door opened and we heard the scraping of her walker on the dining room's tile. She wanted to come down to the living room, but the memory of her falling there was still too fresh in my mind. I insisted that we join her around the dining room table. I made tea, cut the cake, brought out the pretty plates and forks to eat it. Sveta is a really good baker. Whenever I say that, she replies that she just follows  recipes. Modest as well as talented!
     Sveta speaks English very well, but - too quickly! Roberta can't catch what she is saying. I became an interpreter again, although, I sometimes have the same problem listening to Sveta. We had good time despite that. From Roberta's room came the sounds of Park talking on the phone. It sounded like he was giving a speech. Roberta winced every time that she caught  those sounds. After he finished the phone call, she went back in. She was tired. I felt bad because today I was too late to give her breakfast or greet her in the morning. Of course, before Park came back to our house, she woke up comfortably at about 10 o'clock and went about her day with a much better disposition. For two days already she is feeling down, tired of pain and the nagging that she constantly receives from Park.
     Sveta and I continued to talk. Her husband is coming from his visit to Russia in a few days. She misses him. 
     The Red Headed Monster, Katya, demanded some juice. She is adorable: loose red curls bounce over a fresh, tender face. I made her say "Please" before pouring the juice, but that lesson had to be repeated every time that she got thirsty. She felt quite taken with me today, leaning on me and asking to play with her. Katya went to the kindergarten this September. There are thirty kids in her class and one teacher. Katya doesn't like to do her homework or write her name on every sheet of it. Her brother is a more conscientious student, I think!
     Kids went through their whole repertoire before their mother could talk them into leaving: the TV, cookies, turning the fan on and off, swinging on the Nordic Track that we have in the living room. Today Katya added another item to that list: jumping on my aged couch. I was expecting her to tumble to the floor any time now, or a spring from the couch busting out and hitting her in the foot. I don't know how her mom can take that constant barrage of movement and demands. God knows what He/She does. He gave me only two kids and parents who babysat them!

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