Tuesday, September 17, 2013


     I've been trying to be more conscientious about checking Roberta's blood pressure. Every 4-5 hours I brave going to her room to do it. The troll Park sulks like a little girl when I come. Just now I've been there. He and Roberta began watching America's Got Talent and I interrupted. Of course, they can pause the TV or even record the program. I showed the troll Park how to do it. As I checked the blood pressure and talked to Roberta, the troll was walking around the room, self-importantly toting his IPad and listening to the contestants on the show. He threw me a few dirty looks, but didn't say anything. When Roberta wanted to say something, he shouted: "Hey!" at her and pointed at the TV screen. Roberta hung her head. I can't imagine being subjected to this kind of rudeness after such a long life. Behind the troll's back, I pretended to sing opera, like the guys on TV, to make Roberta smile. I also made a face at the troll and a couple of gestures. Not the rude ones, I promise.

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