Wednesday, September 11, 2013


     Dr. Park was whining the whole morning: "There were unwashed dishes in the sink, this family doesn't respect me!" "Sonny never says hello, when he sees me in the morning!" For a while, I tried to make him feel good and told him that he is free to teach Sonny how to be more courteous. It didn't work. He continued: "I wanted to leave this house, there is no respect!"
     When I started to tell a story, before I even said a few words, he interjected: "Ha, ha, that's funny!", - and turned away from me to talk to the cat. Even when I tried to get his attention, he refused to look at me or listen. So, I got up from the table, gathered my dishes and left. The man is a brute and totally selfish. We don't respect him? Does he respect me? When he tried to talk to me later, I ignored him. I hope, he'll get a hint and leaves this place. 

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