Wednesday, September 11, 2013


     Asale blew in like a fresh breeze. I was still busy with the insurance agent, so I sat her down on the couch in front of a laptop. 
     Soon we were both peering at the database website. Asale made some corrections, told me about her plans and aspirations. I said this before, and today it was there again for me to wonder: I have so much more in common with the liberal leftist pinkos like her, in spite of the fact that I am a conservative Republican! Maybe it's time to face the facts: I am, obviously, a liberal leftist pinko. It's a birth defect! Maybe, not leftist or pinko, though!
   I forgot to tell you about the cats. Chickie  was lying on the couch, when Asale arrived. He made a move to welcome her to the house, but she objected: "Please don't jump on me, please don't jump on me!" As I discovered, she dislikes cats. Everything that endears cats to other people, like purring or kneading, makes her squirm. I shooed Chickie away, but in half an hour he came back, sat in front of Asale and proceeded to let her know, what he thought of her attitude towards cats. He began to rapidly lick his nose, gag and, finally, throw up! I stood up between him and Asale to shield her from what was coming. It was so disgusting! I dragged a floor fan to block my friend's view, while I was getting some paper towels to take care of the mess. In a meanwhile, Sylvie showed up. I always knew that she liked girls better than guys. My scaredy, grumpy cat enthusiastically greeted Asale, who was on the phone talking with somebody and couldn't defend herself. Sylvie rubbed her whole body on Asale's black skirt and made it a - fur-skirt! Gray fluff thickly covered it along one side and hung off onto her leg. I ran as fast as my poor legs could carry me. A nice piece of ham lured Sylvie away from her victim, whose lips already began to tremble, whether in a sob or a laugh. Praise God! Or, more appropriately: Oy, gevaldt!

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