Tuesday, September 3, 2013


     I couldn't think of anything to write today, so I re-read my past posts. Not bad, if I may say so myself! 
     While Sonny worked for the Grandmothers Who Help yesterday, I sat in the car and read my Kindle. You know, a tablet that can be downloaded with books and games and used for many other things, like a computer. On the tenth match of Solitaire (OK, I played that game instead of reading!) the Kindle winked out: no more charge. I could sympathize with it; I was out of energy too. Fortunately, I was parked right next to the tennis court. Some guys were playing with a ball there. It wasn't tennis: they hit ball over the net with their hands and feet, but very accurately and with a lot of elan. I really got into watching them, until I noticed that they were watching me too with a mixture of suspicion and annoyance: "What's that fat lady doing, staring at us for such a long time?!" 
     An event in the Mosswood Park, where Sonny and the Grandmothers worked, fizzled out. People, mostly, left and the the dusk began to settle over the park. I wondered, what was taking Sonny so long to finish the job. He told me an hour and a half ago that they were wrapping it up! Unpleasant thoughts began to crawl into my mind: what if Sonny got hurt or kidnapped? I got out of the car and hobbled over the grass to the place where the Grandmothers' booth stood, but saw Asale's orange van much closer, and Sonny was next to it, still being busy with packing! Grrreat, now I didn't need to go too far on my unsteady feet AND SONNY WAS OK! 
     Both, Sonny and I were wiped out after our day in the park. He - from a lot of heavy lifting and running, and I - from being an idiot with too much free time on my hands.

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