Monday, September 16, 2013


     I am not the greatest person. I have short temper and my housekeeping can improve significantly. I know those things about me. But I am generous and never actually lose my temper with Roberta. I did my best all these months, a year, to take care of her to the best of my abilities. Could she have a better care giver? Yes, if there was one when she needed them. They say, "no good deed goes unpunished". I got some of that punishment today.
     I made an appointment for Roberta to go see her Family doctor. Dr. Park came with us. Before the doctor came to the room, Dr. Park said that he was going to the bathroom. Both, he and doctor didn't come in for a long time. When the doctor was there and  asked Roberta a question, but she didn't know the answer, I tried to tell him. The doctor interrupted me immediately: "Excuse me, I'm talking to her now!" I was more surprised than anything. Roberta kept on telling him some things right and some things - wrong. He made me understand that he will not listen to me. I understood. Dr. Park talked to him before the appointment! That snaky troll told the doctor, probably, that they didn't want or like me as Roberta's caretaker anymore. The doctor didn't bother to check his facts. He doesn't know that they stay IN MY HOUSE, with Roberta paying just $300 per month for room, electricity and both of their food. Dr. Park himself doesn't pay a thing. He cooks, that's true, but before he came, I cooked and I didn't ask him to do anything. He, basically, told lies on me, and now my job is in jeopardy and people think I am a crooked caretaker! 
     If I thought that Roberta doesn't want me to work for her anymore, I would behave differently. First of all, she tells me that she "LOVES ME SO MUCH!". Second, she tells me that she doesn't want to change caregivers or move somewhere with Dr. Park. Third, they have no money or possibility to move somewhere else. No car either. What's he thinking? 
     He was so rude today! When I tried to get in their room to check Roberta's blood pressure, he threw at me: "What do you want?" I want him out of this house, that's what I want!

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