Wednesday, September 11, 2013


     I was postponing writing this the whole afternoon. If I knew who is reading my blog in this big world, it would make the choice easier. Anyway, I don't need to worry if you guys like me, do I? I write because it makes me feel good, mostly... I like to see a big number of readers every day, though!
     Why was I postponing writing this? Because you might think that I am too corny, too Christian or conservative. Nope, I don't really care if you think that!
      Roberta's friend's, a Christian pastor's, Bishop Jackson's, wife died recently, and today we went to her memorial service. She and her husband worked in the Bethlehem Missionary Baptist Church in Oakland, and the service was in the style of that denomination. Plus, - the lady was from Louisiana, where the funerals are the celebrations of a decedent's life. 
     It was lucky that I was at a black church on Sunday. I got a little bit loosened up and shaken out of my customary wallflower behavior. Today I had to be loud and ready to parta-ay! 
     Amazingly, the husband of a lady in a white coffin led the service. He did his very best to look joyful, although, a lot of his and her relatives were sobbing in their pews. There were many, many other pastors on the stage, and each one of them had to preach, sing and do a little dance (I mean, literally, dance with tiny, jaunty steps). The singing was great, it made me glad and, since I was already loose and prepped on Sunday, I clapped and shouted "Hallelujah" and swayed in my seat with the rest of the attendants. 
     Like I said, Bishop Jackson led the service. I was wondering, how long he can keep up the smiling and joyful facade. We were in that church for close to four hours, and things ju-u-st began to get on their way. There was a moment, when Rev. Jackson mentioned in bewilderment that there never will be the moments when he can talk with his wife, or Thanksgiving dinners or anything else that made their marriage so precious to him. He shook himself up, though, and went on to introduce the next speaker. Maybe, he was just trying to delay the time when, after everyone goes home, he will be left alone to contemplate his loss. 
     It's good to have faith. Otherwise, we must say goodbye to our loved ones forever, when they die. It's good to know, the Heart of God, most of all, desires to live with us for eternity, assuring our continuous existence even after we depart this Earthly plane. Will we meet with the ones that meant everything to us in life? They say, we might. We might.

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