Wednesday, September 18, 2013


And so it continues... 
     Today I told a lady, friend of mine, about the problem with the troll Park. Before that I told Roberta that, the moment that I find out about him smearing my reputation and messing up my life will be the moment when he'll have to leave my house. I meant it. It seems that he already tried to call my pastor and today he went somewhere without telling Roberta, where he was going. He is on the war path. So am I. My friend informed me that, even though it is my house, if someone gets mail here, they can establish their residency here. To get the troll out I'll have to document everything that he said or did wrong, and tell him three days in advance that he has to go. If he doesn't leave, I'll have to go to court with him to evict him. 
     The mystery aspect of this whole story is Roberta. He will, for sure, try to say that I didn't work for her as much as I should. Never mind that he was elbowing me out of the way. But will she stand up for me? It depends on her, whether she wants me to still be her caretaker or not. They are welcome to change me. Then they'll have to find an apartment to live, the car to get there and to the appointments, etc. So far, she didn't have the backbone to go against the troll. I don't blame her. Her backbone is fractured! But I will not stand for being humiliated again, like in the doctor's office. 
     The question remains: will the troll be in control of the situation or will I? In any case, he is bound to make a lot of trouble for me! And my blood pressure is already though the roof! 

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