Saturday, September 7, 2013


     Mary visited today. I wasn't sure if I need to cook something for her, but I made an easy salmon recipe anyway. I found it on the program called American Test Kitchen
     Usually, I take a frozen hunk of salmon or frozen pieces and stick them in the oven on top of the olive oil. In eighteen minutes I have beautiful, tender salmon to serve with rice or mashed potatoes. When it comes to treating guests though, I try harder. This time I thawed salmon and wiped the top and the bottom with paper towels to get it as dry as possible. I then made a mixture of breadcrumbs, salt and some sugar and pressed it into the peppered top surfaces (I cut fish into slices). You can, basically, use any spice or herbs that you like. The breading is done to give fish interesting texture and help keep sauce on the salmon, because, usually, it slides off. I warmed up olive oil on a frying pan and put pieces of salmon on it, the sides with breadcrumbs down. It doesn't take long to brown this fish. In a few minutes I turned it over and cooked it on the other sides. This time it took about two minutes. The heat shouldn't be strong, or salmon will overcook and get an unpleasant flavor.
     In the meanwhile, I made sauce from some red wine, mustard, vinegar, soy sauce, brown sugar and a bit of corn starch. I cut red onions thinly and added at the last moment. 
     Mary watches her carbs, so I didn't give her any rice or potatoes. I made a simple salad and put salmon on it, the sauce also serving as salad dressing. The recipe is so easy to make and it's very elegant and pleasant.
      I made a Charlotte cake too. I'll give you a recipe in the next post! 

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