Wednesday, September 25, 2013


     Last night I sent the story about Sonny and Joon (by the way, did I tell you that Sonny's real name is Sung Joon?) to Hanah. She thought that it was hilarious! In reply she sent me a picture of herself in theater makeup. It almost killed me! 
She looked like one side of her face was aging (from stress, as she informed me). There was a deep groove that went from her nose to the side of the chin, and wrinkles on one side of her young forehead. One of her eyes was bulging out amid the red, puffy lids. The hair had white streaks in it.  It was terrible! I was looking at myself! After I had time to calm down and my blood pressure returned to normal, I wrote and told her about the effect that photo had on me and demanded to now make herself up and send me a picture of herself where she would look ten years younger than her own age. I am still waiting for that picture. 

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