Monday, September 30, 2013


     As I entered Roberta's room today in the morning to check her blood pressure and give medicine, she looked particularly agitated from under her fluffy blanket. "Last night was freaky!" - she blurted out. "Freaky? In what way?" She sat up and told me the story.
     She was sleeping peacefully last night, when her hospital bed, the one that has a remote to raise legs or the top portion of it, started to work! The legs' portion began to rise. Roberta woke up and tried to get off the bed. As she put one leg over the side, it got caught between the bed's rail and it's rising part. She hollered to Park to help her. I guess, he was too tired to understand what was happening, because he began to argue with her: "Can't you  get off the bed by yourself?" Roberta insisted and Park got her off, brought her to a chair, sat her down, said: "Sit here!" - and went back to sleep! Roberta was too surprised to say anything. She sat on the chair for ten-fifteen minutes, then went to bed, made it flat, lay down and fell asleep holding the bed remote to her chest, so nobody else could use it!
Now, 2 points:
1. How did the bed start working? The remote was hanging on the lower portion of a rail, that's where Roberta found it afterwords. Park was too far to reach it accidentally. I told my sister that it could be my dad, whose room that used to be. Maybe, he looked in on us and said: "Someone's sleeping in my bed!"
2. Roberta must've been too flabbergasted, because she sat in that chair for ten-fifteen minutes. Imagine, someone sits you on a chair at 3 o'clock in the morning and tells you to sit there. 'Til the roosters start to crow?
3. Yes, I need to make the third point, even though I promised just two! This is Roberta we are talking about, the woman who one other night told me, after I heard her talk in her sleep: "I'm OK, but I don't know, where all these other people are going to sleep!" "Who, Roberta?"  "Him, and her, and her!.."

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