Tuesday, September 24, 2013


     My son, Sonny, had to go the Museum today. He had some adventures getting lost, but nothing like what I made it out to be!

     Sonny was lost. For the life of him, he couldn't figure out how he could've made that mistake. He remembered that he thoroughly checked the directions to the Museum where his class was meeting to do a project. Now he found himself on the other end of the Golden Gate Park and only hoped that 50 minutes was enough to get to the Museum on time.
     The road in front of him veered to the right. He saw a young man on the grass and a few others who surrounded him. Sonny stopped and peered at the group from a safe distance. He felt tingling in his spine and knew what was coming. Ever since he became 13 years old, he suffered from blackouts. He was always OK afterword, only carrying some unexplained cuts and bruises. The light blinked and became more vivid somehow. 
     Joon was aware that he was Sonny's alternate persona, but he also knew that Sonny had no idea about it. That's why he tried to be extra careful not to injure Sonny in one of his exploits. He looked at the scene in front of him from the corner of his eye to see why he was needed this time. The attackers appeared to be human, but he recognized them as a band of the Khompians, who were always on the look out for some blood sport. Usually, a female led the attack.      Yes, even now a girl grabbed her victim around the neck and ordered him to hand over all his money. The guy who was attacked surprised her by shoving his elbow in her ribs and throwing her off of him. He fell on the grass, though, and Joon could see the eyes of the girl's companions glow red and their yellow fangs bare in an anticipation of a good fight. The young man didn't stand a chance against them. 
     In less time than it took for an average person to blink, Joon was by the side of a fallen man. The Khompians roared, but they realized that they were no match for him. They turned their backs to flee, but Joon knocked them out one by one. The man that he saved already called the police. 
     Sonny came to and opened his eyes. He saw people being apprehended by the police. In fact, a police car with a girl sitting in the back of it was right in front of a bench where he was reclining. As Sonny looked on, a young man in a torn shirt came to the girl's window and quietly but distinctly called her a few unflattering names. She went berserk! Sonny, reproachfully looking at the man, asked him: "Did you really have to do that?" 
     As he hurried on, Sonny kept glancing at his watch. He had just thirty minutes to make it to the Museum on time. Where did the time go? 
     He was passing by a wide field of grass, with couples and moms with children playing or laying on the blankets. A street woman walked from group to group, probably begging for food or money. 
     Joon shook himself. Sonny's tee shirt felt tight in his chest and shoulders. What was going on? He focused on the grassy field and people. The street woman just left one couple, and they slumped on the blanket, obviously unconscious. The figure in rugs stopped by the next group. They also fell over. Harsh blue and green streaks of color ran from their closed eyes to the sides and the tops of their heads. Joon noticed the woman's unusual gait. It looked like her legs were set not side by side like a normal human's, but in front of each other! He caught up with her and, lightning quick, clamped his hands on the woman's neck. No matter how the Lazuli Witch tried, she could not turn to him to suck out his life energy by looking him in the eyes. Joon scanned the area, wondering, how he was going to get rid of the Witch. A hot dog vendor stood on the sidewalk. He nodded to Joon, as if he saw and understood everything that happened, and opened the top of his cart, exposing the large pot of hot dogs in water. Joon dragged the Witch there. He now could see that the hot dog vendor was a member of the Zephram Brotherhood, committed to ridding the world of evil. Joon shoved the Witch's face into the hot dogs' pot. She began to sizzle, shrivel and, finally, disappear. The hot dog vendor said gloomily: "I now have to go and change the cart. These hot dogs are pure poison!" 
     Sonny felt groggy. He got up from the edge of the grass and saw that there were a lot of people sleeping peacefully in the green field. Blue and green haze was dissipating in the air, and Sonny sadly decided that there was too much pollution in the City. 
     He could already see the museum from where he was walking. Just a few more minutes, and he'll be there! Sure, he'll be late, but - not by that much! 
     A loud yowling stopped him in his tracks. A kitten was sitting on a tree's branch, too high to attempt getting down by itself. 
     "Sorry, little fellow, you'll have to wait for some other sucker to help you! I'm too much in a hurry!" 
     But the tingling already told Sonny that his plans might have to wait. 
     Joon watched the kitten for a few minutes now. Cute little ball of fur also looked at him, but it hissed quietly, and when it did, small puffs of smoke drifted from it's pink mouth. No matter, it needed help. Joon had no trouble getting up the tree, but when he was there, he heard some really loud yowling this time! In the tree next to his, a large cat, the size of a puma, was narrowing her eyes at him and preparing to spring. She knocked him and a kitten from their perch, as she leaped. Joon grabbed the kitten in the air, but it sunk it's small fangs in Joon's hand. Joon landed on his feet and spun to face his latest opponent. The mama-cat circled him and, as she snarled, she licked the flames off her maw! It was hard to see her, she kept disappearing in the light. She raised a spiky crest from her spine and would've attacked Joon, if the kitten didn't distract her by meowing piteously. Immediately, she went to it, nuzzling and sniffing it to calm it down. With one last sneer and a snarl at Joon, she led her baby into the bushes. 
     "What is wrong with me?!" - Sonny thought, as he ran toward the Museum. His palm hurt, there was a tiny puncture and a singed spot on it. "I really should see doctor for these blackouts!" 
     Sonny's teacher was already in the middle of giving instructions to the students. 
     "Mr. Toyoda, are you late again? This is the fifth time this semester! If you continue to interrupt your fellow students in their study, you are not going to graduate from my class. Isn't it time that you start to think of others instead of yourself?!" 
     Sonny hung his head in shame.

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