Monday, August 5, 2013


Today we supped on the Korean New Year's food. I think, Dr. Park said its called Ddoguk! The Koreans, if judged from their language, are related to Klingons. He made beef broth with Korean handmade rice cake. He then boiled good beef and cut it thin. The onion, boiled egg, green onion and cucumber were also cut. All of it went into a big bowl on top of the broth and rice cake. Kimchi, the delectable spicy fermented cabbage, goes on top. The last thing Dr. Park put there was thinly cut seaweed. After eating it, two things are recommended: you either should unzip you pants and lie down belly up, or - go spend some quality time in the bathroom. It is also advised that everyone in the house should eat that food, because the consequences will be also felt by all.

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