Sunday, August 4, 2013


      Sylvie, my all gray girl cat, just showed her true colors. I was writing on my laptop. Roberta came and sat down next to me on the arm chair. We were already talking, when Sylvie showed up. She jumped onto the side of the chair next to me and lay down with her front paws on my thigh. I started petting and scratching her. She lifted her head to give me a better access to her favorite spot on the neck to be scratched and closed her eyes. Roberta and I were both ooh-ing and aah-ing about Sylvie, telling how much we like and admire her. She just drunk it up. Then we switched the topic of the conversation. I was still petting and scratching Sylvie, but my focus was on Roberta. I suddenly became aware, that Sylvie's claws were digging into my leg! She didn't like it that I was talking to someone else and not paying full attention to her! OK, we laughed about it and went on gabbing. Sylvie got down on the carpet and lay next to Roberta. Before either of us knew what was happening, Sylvie's claws struck Roberta's foot! She continued to lie there, eyeing Roberta through the narrowed slits. Her expression said: "You want more?" 
     Some scientists insist that animals don't have emotions. Not only they are wrong, but, I think, those scientists don't have brains! All day today, after I came home and took a nap and didn't have a chance to spend time with Sylvie, I had a distinct impression, that she was asking for my attention. When she, finally, got me to herself, I began chatting with Roberta. Sylvie was not amused, hence,- the attack on Roberta's foot. If that wasn't a complex set of emotions, I don't know, what is! Perhaps, Sylvie can benefit from reading the Real Love book that I talked about in the previous blog!
     Sylvie rolled on her back and continued to look at us through the hooded eyes. Her only white spot is on the belly between her back legs. You can see it, when she is on her back. I never met a cat that liked to be on her back as much as Sylvie does. She doesn't only sleep in that position. Sometimes, she just lolls like that, keeping a watchful eye on the room.

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