Saturday, August 31, 2013


     Today is the movie club (ahem) meeting. We will go to Mary's house to watch The Spy Game. I never saw it before. Apparently, Robert Redford is in it. It took us a few weeks longer to meet again, although we originally thought to do it every two weeks. 
     Mary's husband, a sushi chef, will make California Rolls. In case if you don't know what it is, instead of the seaweed on the outside of the sushi roll, there is rice with sesame seeds, immediately followed by a layer of seaweed, and on the inside there are crab meat, avocado and cucumber. I made Shepard's Pie (I told you how to make it in one of my past posts). Sonny wanted me to make it, even though its 80 degrees Fahrenheit outside. So he had a good motivation to help me with the peeling of the potatoes and the mashing and the frying of the meat  and so on. 
     Sylvie is sulking around the house because today, when Goldie came, I pushed my cat away from the door in order to go out there and fill Goldie's bowl. Sylvie, after a few attempts to also get out, went berserk and attacked my foot. I now bear scratches and streaks of blood on my heel, and she, obviously knowing that she did wrong, hangs back and peeks at me from around the corners. I think, she is in menopause. That would explain the mood swings and the vicious temper. Except, she is in this menopause for the last nine years!

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