Wednesday, August 7, 2013


     Dr. Park was angry last night. "I came here three months ago. I cook and clean and take care, and I know, this is my obligation, but we have to have a big talk tonight!" I replied: "Well, I have time now, why don't you say, what's on your mind?"
     He started splattering all over the place, By that I mean that he jumped from one topic to another: I took Roberta with me to the store and she came back really tired (she needs exercise, by the way), Sonny leaves dishes in the sink, Roberta listens to me and not to him... He didn't say, why he was really upset. 
     He does a lot. On the other hand, I didn't invite him to come and do all those things. I would like to cook and wash dishes sometimes, as well as taking care of Roberta's needs. He is the one who pushes his way into everything and takes over. 
     Does he think, I'm going to beg him to stay? Like Taka said, he can go get an apartment and live there with Roberta (if she'll go) and get paid even for taking care of her. 
     "If you want to take care of her, then do so!" - he ended. So, no sweat - I made a nice dinner and washed dishes. I think, he was disappointed.

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