Tuesday, August 20, 2013


     Well, it came to blows! At least, - the blows on the table and the shouting. Last night I decided to give Dr. Park a break. The weather is very hot, and he looked mighty worn out making dinner the night before. So, I said: "Let's buy food this evening!" He readily agreed. Roberta and I went to an appointment and then, tired not only from the heat but also from Dr. Park's surliness, had some dinner and talked. We did bring a lot of stuff home, but I don't think that that was what set Dr. Park off. He stormed around all evening, but this morning was much worse. He blamed me for spending too much money (my money), but the real thing that upset him was that Roberta ate dinner with me - without him. "It's not a Korean custom!" - he yelled. Since I was already upset, I replied: "If you wanted a Korean woman, you should've married a Korean woman." That inflamed him ever further. "You have bad habits! Your family has bad habits! I don't like it!" He screamed and banged on the table. Unfortunately, I am also not a Korean woman. I yelled back: "Do not bang on the table and scream at me in my own house!" Of course, that didn't stop him. 
     The problem with such confrontations is that they need to be resolved. How the heck am I going to do that? He will now want to take Roberta with him and move out. She doesn't want to go, but will she hold out under his pressure? 
     Now he is shouting and demanding some answers from Roberta. Should I have kept my mouth shut? If I was twenty five years old, I might've done it. Now, I don't think I should let someone who is not even related to me treat me that way!

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