Friday, August 30, 2013


     Since the early morning we hear Chickie's solicitous "Me-e-ous" and Sylvie's techno-like answers: "M-r-o-o-ow!" Chickie sounds tinny and cute, but of course, we don't know, what he is really saying. Sometimes, we imagine that he swears at us or Sylvie in that same child's innocent voice. Maybe, he says to our female cat: "I've got you now, you cow!" or" Whatcha gonna do, huh?" or even something worse. She doesn't have a sense of humor. When Chickie is in a mood to tease her, as he is a few times a day, - she always takes it hard. I think, living on the street, she was hurt by the tom-cats and now doesn't want anything to do with the males. 
     The only male person she tolerates is my husband, Taka. Perhaps, she recognizes the authority figure in our house. She usually lets him scratch or pick her up. As soon as Sonny tries to pick her up, she warns him off in her basso: "Try that and you are dead! I'll-a take-a your face-a off!" Usually, like Chickie, he ignores the threats and picks her up anyway. Then we get to see the amazing gyrating cat, attempting at once, to get away from Sonny and also get him with one of her four paws. No matter, how many times he gets scratched, he still can't resist holding the soft, plushy kitty. She, on the other hand, can't resist the shins. Yes, the shins. Even after all the effort she puts into escaping from Sonny, if he crouches down near her, she will always come back to him and start rubbing herself on his shins. The heart wants what the heart wants!

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