Sunday, August 25, 2013


     Sitting in front of a blank page. TV does rot the brain! What can I tell you today? Should I talk about the things that I have seen or the things that I feel? 
     My mom's birthday was on the 22nd. I was not a good daughter. To tell the truth, I was self-absorbed and cruel to my parents. Maybe, it's the usual way the teens behave? My own daughter certainly does. I can't even blame her since I was the same. All I can do is try and establish some foundation for her to do better in the future. 
     My mother has been through a lot in her life. I wrote about it in the stories that I put in this blog in May. I think, there was only a small chance that she would've turned out to be a different person. Under the abuse and misfortunes we go up or down. What does it mean? We take the high road or the low road. When a child makes wrong decisions or behaves badly, does a parent blame the child or themselves? Of course, eventually, it's every person'r responsibility, what they do in their lives, but parents will always think that it's their fault, if something goes wrong in a kid's character or fortune. 
     Perhaps, I shouldn't bemoan my own fate. I have faith in my children's integrity and strength of character. Do I? It is a scary thing to be a parent!
     My mom's birthday was on the 22nd. I hope that wherever she is now, she can feel my love and appreciation for all the heart and health that she put into bringing us up. I love her.

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