Tuesday, August 6, 2013


     What is wrong with Sylvie? She's been more catty (if that's even possible), than usual. Of course, Dr. Park thinks that he is a gift to all Creation, and doesn't realize that others may have different opinions or needs than the ones that he is pushing down their throats. 
     What happened? I'll tell you! Everything was fine, the evening took hold of our house and we all succumbed to it's calming influence. I was writing more of the Moriko story. Sylvie was already sleeping on a chair next to me. Dr. Park came into the living room to have a final go at trying to call Goldie. She's been, kind of, stand-offish lately. When she didn't come, he switched his attention to Sylvie. Disgruntled that he woke her up, she watched him through the narrowed eyes, at the same time trying to pull away from Dr. Park. Her whole body and the look that she gave him radiated hostility. I don't know, how he didn't see it. He began to roughly scratch her under the chin and along the whiskers, telling her all the while that he didn't like her eyes. They are beautiful eyes, light green and clear, but, its true, they can give one the heebie-jeebies. Quick as a lightning, Sylvie's paw raked him along the face! If he wasn't wearing glasses, she would've taken out an eye or two! With a cry of dismay Dr. Park staggered back . He never expects someone not to like what he is offering. The scratches on his nose and forehead were bleeding a little, but his pride was wounded even more. 

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