Thursday, August 1, 2013


     Last night, I wrote an email to Hanah. In the space for a subject of the email I wrote in capital letters: "MONEY". In three minutes she tried to Skype me. Hah!!! It turned out that, she doesn't need money for the tuition yet, but she already finished her bag of rice and now is working her way through a pack of corn dogs (sausages inserted into the corn bread) and she has nothing else to eat except bread with butter. Well, she is far away from starvation yet!
     I am happy with her working at the theater at her University, designing costumes, even though she doesn't get paid. The experience counts for a lot in this country. 
     Hanah seemed happy to talk to all of us. Sonny came out of his lair and chatted with her. Taka made an appearance and said that she has to return the bus money that we sent her, if she isn't going to come home. I think, the bus money is already eaten, so she can't come home or return it! 
     Roberta came to talk to Hanah. At first, she took Hanah for my sister, who is fifty years older and 150 lbs heavier. She was happy to realize her mistake and told Hanah all about the outside cats and Dr. Park. 
     Hanah is a funny girl. In the duration of our talk, she proceeded to make a dozen grimaces and show me the inside of her nostrils. I made intimate acquaintance with her sinuses! She also played with her hair, covering her face in black strands and then brushing them away. At those times, when her eyes became visible again, I was struck by how pretty they are. She has Jewish and Japanese blood in her, and she looks Asian, but, sometimes, she also looks like a Gypsy! 

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