Tuesday, August 27, 2013


     Do you know, what the difference is between a pessimist and an optimist? A pessimist says: "Well, it couldn't get any worse..." And an optimist replies: "It could, of course it could!!!" 
    I couldn't sleep. I mean, I slept, but my husband got up at around 5 am, and I woke up then too. After that - just turning and tossing. Bits of the Russian songs, thoughts about Hanah and her financial problems and - all kinds of nonsense - were swimming round and round in my head. I finally got up, went into the kitchen, made my husband a sandwich for lunch and tried to assess what was troubling me to keep me from sleeping. By some fluke, I found a Jenkins Family blog and read about the ordeal that they had to go through. Their little daughter was born without an anus, and they had to not just keep her alive, but also make sure that she would, eventually, have a normal life. All the pain they had to endure watching her pain, all the humiliation of dealing with the medical professionals! The mother says though, that she wishes that she had a magic mirror all those years ago to see ahead to now, when her little girl is able to enjoy life and play with the other children. To think that I am always b...ing about my kids! God help us be wise and patient! It could be so much worse! 

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