Sunday, August 11, 2013


     I am, quite possibly, a very stupid woman! For two days I was moaning and groaning about my foot: it hurt a lot. My friends and I made plans for a movie club meeting, though, and I just couldn't, or wouldn't postpone it! So, on Friday, I called Mary and told her all that. I said: "I would have the club meeting at my house, if someone else takes charge." She readily agreed. We decided to do a potluck (I told you about it, didn't I). Being from Russia and an idiot, on Saturday morning, I dragged sleepy and protesting Sonny to the car, - myself, - hobbling with a cane . We hit a few stores, got enough food and snacks for an army, came home. Here I snapped my whip and made Sonny do all the cleaning that Dr. Park, who could not seat still, didn't do yet. After that, Sonny retired to his room to lick the wounds to his male ego (I'm kidding, he enjoyed some action in contrast to the usual ennui of his vacation days).
     The party (I mean, meeting...) was supposed to start at 1 o'clock. I hear talk, sometimes, about the black people's time, the Koreans' time and so forth. Well, Mary and Victoria are white Americans. Doris, who also came, is English. Mary was forty minutes late, Victoria - 1 hour and a half (she had a good reason), and Doris, the English, who are famous for their adherence to time schedules and proprieties, - she was two hours late! Dr. Park was spitting mad. Of course, who asked him to care so much about, when my friends come to a party (I mean, meeting...)? I didn't ask him to do anything, to tell you the truth! He was still spitting mad and refused to watch a movie. Roberta was with us, still, and had a good time too!
     Mary's husband is a sushi chef! She came with a tray full of sushi, which delighted Sonny, whom I dragged out of the room again to set up the TV. Victoria, who is extremely averse to parting with her money, brought a huge bowl with a head of lettuce and a lone tomato in it. Seeing that I already made a salad, she merrily took the bowl, the lettuce and a tomato home. I think, she was hoping that that would happen, that's why she didn't prepare the salad beforehand. I told Doris on the phone that she didn't have to make anything, and she said: "Good, because I don't want to!" Its OK, like I said, we could've fed an army with what was on the table. 

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