Wednesday, August 28, 2013


O.K., let's continue. 
     So, imagine, a stranger comes to your house, even if in the uniform of a sheriff, and asks you such intimate things! I was a bit put out, but decided not to focus on that. She made a report. Nothing, except a small digital camera, seemed to be stolen. I think, my untimely arrival interrupted the burglars. They grabbed the first thing that they saw - a camera - and ran. The sheriff and I went out to take fingerprints from windows and screens that now lay on the concrete by the side of the house. She took out ink, brush and a roll of tape for fingerprinting. In the CSI episodes, the team uses special film that is already pre-cut for that purpose. My sheriff had to tear pieces of such film off the roll with her teeth! The sticky clear paper got all warped and she muttered angrily as more and more of it littered the ground. When she managed to successfully take a fingerprint she passed a piece of the film to me to hold. "Won't my prints be also there?" -  I asked innocently. That made her mutter some more, and she proceeded to take my and Taka's prints for comparison. That was the last we saw of the sheriff or heard about our burglary. 
     A couple of months later, I discovered that a few of my dad's checks  for the amount of about $ 180 were used by someone unknown. I called the sheriff's department again. Another young lady came and took the report. She found that one of the checks was used in a grocery store and even succeeded in obtaining the video of the register transaction. She let me understand that she knew, who the perpetrator was. The next thing I know, she is transferred to another district! Despite my further inquiries, the sheriff's department shelved the case and refused to discuss it again. What could be the reason? Perhaps, the perp was a department's chef's relative? I don't know. The bank from where the checks were, added a heavy penalty on my dad. They told us that if he could not keep checks in a secure place, he didn't deserve to manage his account independently. In the end, the bank took more money from my father than the burglars! Who is a bigger thief, I ask? By the way, it was a Chase bank. Don't use it if you have a choice.
     And so ended my association with the law enforcement. I must say, I was less than impressed!

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