Wednesday, August 21, 2013


     Have I ever told you about a guy who was also over the top angry ?
     It was in a town some place in the north of California. The day of running around, selling flowers to support my church was coming to an end. At least, the workday in the downtown was ending. Most of the businesses were closed. I ran through the empty, eerie streets. A bowling alley was open. I went inside and tried to sell flowers, but no one was interested. I still had a hope, but a huge security guard showed up and told me to leave. On the way to the door, I approached another person. The guard was right there to stop me. Did I tell you, he was huge? Well, it's an understatement! I became alarmed, because he maneuvered me between the two vending machines and blocked my way to escape. 
-"I told you that there was no soliciting in the bowling alley!" - he growled.
 He sounded just too menacing for me to mess around with him.
- "OK, OK, I'll go" - I was quick to assure him. 
I got out of there and began to walk toward the place where my van would pick me up. There were no people on the streets. The wind whirled the junk around. I can never figure out, why the American downtowns are so depressingly dirty. I heard the footsteps behind me and turned around. The security guard from the bowling alley was following me. 
-"Now I'm in real trouble" - the panic stiffened my joints and a sick feeling of dread settled in the pit of my stomach. The guard quickened his gait and caught up with me: 
-"I told you, there was no soliciting over there," - he said - "but here I can buy a rose from you!"

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