Friday, August 2, 2013


     I forgot to tell you about the Little Red Headed Monster's, her mom's and brother's visit the day before yesterday. Sveta called me in the morning, asking if they can come for a bit after their time in the park. I'd, usually, rather sit, do my crossword or write in the mornings, but the problem with saying "No" to my friends is, that the only justification I have now for staying within my movement is the community of my friends and the responsibility I feel for their emotional well-being. So, I said: "Sure, come on over!" This time, we didn't make lunch. Firstly, she wanted to come just for half an hour, and, secondly, there was nothing I could make on such a short notice . I prepared some stuff for the sandwiches, though, made popcorn and cut the watermelon.
     The kids stumbled over the threshold and immediately whined: "Can we watch the TV, please, PLEASE?!" They don't have a TV at their house, but mom allows them to watch it here. The Monster's brother, Sasha, scooped a few pieces of watermelon at once and made himself comfortable in front of the tube, breathing through his mouth, while munching on popcorn and watermelon. The Little Red Headed Monster, Katya, went straight for my laptop and began to type inside the password bar (I learned my lesson and now lock the computer and hide the cell phone before the Monster's coming). She still managed to discombobulate the Nordic Track. I couldn't hide it!
     Sveta and I had a lively chat. She is expecting a baby, and, I think, is not ecstatic about all the changes that would mean in her family. She seems stronger now, more sure, somehow, but, I wish, there was more in me to offer her.
     When Sveta announced that it was time to go home, Katya declared that she was not going. She closed the door after her mother and sat down on the couch, victorious for a moment. Fortunately, her mom knew, how to get her to move: "Let's go get the prizes from the library class!" - she sang. I and the TV forgotten, the Little Red Headed Monster walked out of the door and didn't even want to say goodbye!

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