Tuesday, August 20, 2013


     Hmm, for now, the life normalized. Dr. Park talked to Roberta behind the closed doors. I could only hear his raised voice. He hopped back into the living room and stared at me for awhile. I bit my tongue, because making things worse is not in my interest. "OK, I talked to Dr. Burson (Roberta). I am sorry that I got upset, but I have all these thinking!" I also apologized for shouting at him. He proceeded to tell me all his grievances, without, actually, saying what is bothering him. I know what is bothering him. He wants to get payed for taking care of Roberta. I get that paycheck, and we need the money. I didn't invite him to come and take over for me. I didn't ask him to clean or cook! I did it all by myself before he came. Besides, he is living here without paying for the room or the electricity or even food. Sometimes, he would fill the car's tank or buy some groceries, without me asking him to do so. I think, he should be honest about the reason why he is so mad. Not that I will let him have that money.
     Anyway, even though I and Roberta thought that he will leave, he managed to swallow his pride and went back to his usual routine. 

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