Monday, August 12, 2013


     How can life suck so much and still be so good? Having the foot pain, I don't even get out in the open air, but I am thrilled that the sun is shining and the sweet smell from the pepper berry tree is wafting through the house. On Sunday, Taka brought some blackberries and wild strawberries from the garden. 
     Two things happened today. First, I received an email from the UCMagazine. They want to publish my stories. It's amazing, people want things from you, but they then treat you like you are the one owing them money. I sent them my stories for free, they said, they will publish them in August, but when I tried to find out if they are really going to do it, I got a letter from my contact there, telling me not to crowd his mail box! Now he wrote again. He combined the pieces of my writing to make a comprehensive story. It stunk! All my stories are on this blog, you might've read them. In his interpretation they lost all character and 'mine-ness!' I spent most of the day trying to create something like what he wanted. I have no college degree or work in a magazine, but my work is much better than his. 
     Another unpleasant surprise came in the afternoon. I wrote my Nurse-Practitioner at Keiser, saying that, perhaps, she can suggest something for me to relieve pain. A different doctor wrote back. Here is what he said:
The advice given at your appointment was the same as that you got for a similar problem when seed by the specialist in Podiatry, Dr McDaniels In 2008. Would follow that for several weeks. If not improved the next step would be to see podiatry.

     Never mind the mistakes in English, what that "Doctor" actually said, was: "We told you in 2008 that we can't or won't do anything about your suffering. We don'r care, if there were any new treatments found for your malady. We won't look for any. Just take what we told you and shut up. Here is what I answered to that:

    If you think that the response: "we told you the same thing in 2008" is adequate to treat your patient in pain, then you really deserve all the bad publicity. You didn't get any better since 2008? Are you a real doctor, "Dr."? I think, even in 2008 I was offered some physical therapy! Wow! What a way to welcome new patients! Maybe, next time I'll go to the county hospital!

    And still, Life is beautiful!

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