Friday, August 16, 2013


     Oh, My God!  As I crawled out of the van, I wished, I could kiss the ground under my feet! It took Sonny and me 3 hours to go down one street, do an errand there and drive to a couple more stores in Hayward, our city. Sonny, the proud owner of a Learner's Driving Permit, drove. I sat in the passenger's seat and thought of a better way to go, as well as, time to time, trying to engage the imaginary break on my side of the car. 
     Sonny is a great kid. Any mother, especially, some of the mothers that I know, would give their eye teeth to have a boy like that. He is polite, most of the time and - always - to me, helpful, studies hard, in other words, a good boy scout. But he is very stubborn. "Slower!!!" - I yell, standing on the, above mentioned, imaginary break. He takes his sweet time deciding, if I am right in asking him to go slower. "Turn here" - I tell him. He argues that I didn't give him enough time before the turn. At one point, in heavy traffic, he revved the car and jumped forward, in spite of a million vehicles standing in front of us. I pinched his bare arm! 
- "Ouch, that really hurts! 
- "Good, now every time in your life when you want to do something risky and foolish, you'll remember and feel this pinch!"

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