Tuesday, August 27, 2013


     A few minor things happened today. Goldie, the little cat that we take care of, returned. She stayed away for at least a week. Roberta and I decided that she was either with her male companion of this season or having kittens. What we'll do if she has kittens, I have no idea! Anyway, she didn't look pregnant. A little plumper than usual, maybe... Uh-uh!
     I took Roberta to the Physical Therapy session. We came home right after that and found Dr. Park washing the bed linens. The floor from the laundry room to the door to the backyard had wet streaks, because the impossible man decided to bring the blanket that he washed to dry on the line outside! I don't think it can dry before the night in this cool weather, do you? To my admonishments to put it in the dryer, he only waved his hands dismissively and said: "Don't worry!" to me. I don't worry, but he will, when the night will come and Roberta has no blanket!
     My ankle got better. It took three weeks in pain and being stuck on a chair. Now it's a little stiff, - that's all. The other ankle decided that I was getting too bored with my life and began to hurt too. Not willing to endure more suffering and immobility, I did what the doctors told me not to do: I took the anti-inflamatory medicine. The ankle got better in a couple of days, and now my stomach began to send some uncomfortable twinges to my brain, like the doctors said it would, if I take that drug. Sometimes, I think that the pieces of my body want to break apart and declare independence, because I take such poor care of them. Well, that's the nature of things, isn't it?


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