Wednesday, August 28, 2013


     Hey, have I ever told you about the day when we were robbed and I was a CSI? Well, listen closely!
     We moved into a new house. There were so many things to be done! One day a telephone company technician came to set up the communication and internet system. I stayed with him as long as I could, then went to pick up kids from school. They went to two different schools, in two different parts of the town. The technician assured me that he will finish the job and lock the windows and the doors. When we came back, he was gone. The doors were open, so were the windows and the crawl space under the house. Both cats were gone. Chicky was found very soon, but Sylvie... I had an idea to look for her in the crawl space (its an empty place under the house, where pipes and wires crisscross  and a sane person would never go. Sylvie was there, feeling like a queen of a realm. That was just one of the weird occurrences in the new place. 
     So, four days after moving in, I returned home around two o'clock in the afternoon. As I walked toward the door, I saw two young men running across our yard. They were going fast and didn't respond in any way, when I yelled to them: "Never come here anymore!" You see, I'm stupid that way. I didn't even think that they could turn around and attack me. You can calm down, they didn't. I put this incident out of my mind; after all, it was so innocent: two guys hanging out in a wrong place. The evening went as usual, until my husband came home and went into a bedroom. He came back with a news: the windows were open and the screens were pushed out. Someone has been in our room. 
     I called the sheriff's office. A young girl sheriff came. She began to ask questions. Some of them were very strange, like: "Do you and your husband sleep in the same bed?"  

To Be Continued....

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