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Here is an alternate ending for:


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It happened, when Bunsa went into the house for a few nimutes. As he stepped out of the door, he couldn't see Kokuro in the spot where he left him. Alarmed, Bunsa was searching everywhere around the backyard, when he saw a fox, who stood by the trees looking at him. In it's mouth it held a cub! Bunsa froze. The fox made a step toward him, then quickly changed it's mind and dashed into the woods.  
Out of his mind with grief and horror at losing his son now, Bunsa ran after the fox. He lost sight of it almost immediately, but kept on searching and calling until he lost his voice. When the neighbors found him, he was still  rasping Moriko's and Kokuro's names, crawling on all fours, looking through the bushes and behind every tree. 
His parents-in-law took him in. He had to be tied in bed, because, at every opportunity, he would run to the forest to look for his family.
 "From willow treefrom plum tree comes the fox!" 

All the haiku poems are by a Japanese poet from the 18th-19th century, Issa Kaboyashi. He was born and died in Nagano, Japan.

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