Sunday, August 11, 2013


      We ate in the dining room and moved the party (I mean, meeting...) to the living room, snatching a plate with pastries from the big table. Mary helped me set up a small table in front of the TV. Everyone got their teas and coffees and: "Action!"
     It was Made of Honor, with Patrick Dempsey and Michelle Monaghan. Kevin McKidd from the Grey's Anatomy is also there. Its a light romantic comedy, and we enjoyed it a lot. I was really happy, because the movie didn't stop us from interacting with each other. We shared our thoughts not only of the things on the screen, but also how they relate to our lives. In the middle, we completely paused the movie and began to passionately discuss what was happening in our church. Roberta couldn't take all those interruptions anymore and went to her room, but we had a grand time!
     If you never saw the movie, its about a man and a woman who become friends because of some mistake and she later falls in love and wants marry a Scott with the royal bloodlines. She asks her best friend, a man, to be her Maid of Honor, not knowing that he has feelings for her. He and his friends decide to follow through with the Maid of Honor thing, looking for an opportunity to declare his own love for her.
     There are just a couple of mild love making scenes in the film, it should not offend anybody. Oh, wait!...
     After the movie, Mary and Victoria left, but Doris and I sat and talked. And that lady can talk! Fortunately, we have a lot in common. Finally, she went home and I realized that I didn't pay any attention to my husband the whole day, and he didn't even get to eat any of the sushi. He did look, kind of, sorry for himself, but it was too late to do anything about it!

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