Thursday, August 22, 2013


     The news from Korea: at a ceremony in commemoration of Rev. Moon's passing away, two women and a man were burnt. One Japanese woman poured paint thinner on herself and a pastor of the Unification church, splashing another woman in the process, and set fire to all of them. My immediate reaction was that, I understood, why she or they (we don't know the extent of the involvement of the two more passive people in that act) did it. While I worked in the Unification church for thirty years and gave a lot of myself and in the financial sense, it's nothing comparing to our Japanese members. They carried most of the financial burden of supporting the movement, it's activities and the Moon family, besides having the incredibly humble and self-sacrificial attitude toward their missions. To come to realize after all that that they might've been taken advantage of can break anyone's spirit and bring them to the brink of insanity.
     I don't know for sure, if the group in Korea did attempt the self-immolation. The official Church version of the event is that one of the Japanese women, a mentally unstable individual, tried to burn the man, but got herself and another woman also splashed by the paint thinner. Will we ever find out the truth? I don't think so. Of course, setting oneself on fire is a pretty crazy way to punish the Moon family. Who, actually, got panished? But at least, maybe now the church members will stop pretending that nothing untoward happened and everything is just as before. 

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