Monday, August 5, 2013


As we were filling our bellies with the Korean New Year Ddoguk! (see the previous blog about our dinner), Chicken Bone was making a fool of himself by begging each of us in turn for some scrumptious tidbit. He stood on his back legs and with one of his front paws patted us on an arm. Chicken Bone is a walking stomach. No matter, how much food he gets, he still wants more. He, especially, likes the seaweed. He treats it like its alive, and pounces and chomps on it, like he would on a live prey. After no one gave him anything for awhile, he sat despondently by us and, time to time would say "Ag!!!" I replied: "Ag!!!" He looked at me in an annoyed fashion and said: "Ag!!!" Every time he said it, I also said it. I was laughing, but then the thought hit me: "He just taught me a word!"  

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