Friday, October 4, 2013


     Roberta's doctor just called. The man doesn't have any idea, what's happening with her, but he considers himself a suitable judge of the situation. I phoned earlier to find out the name of one of Roberta's medications. He, by the way, never asked her if she takes it or reminded her to take it. The woman fractured her spine twice, for goodness' sake,  and her doctor is not concerned if she still takes her osteoporosis drug! 
     Roberta just told me that Park will leave to Las Vegas a few days from now. Alone. Although, by the way she talks, I can tell that she will follow him sometime soon. I decided that it is for the best, since she needs someone to watch over her at night. 
     All that stuff weighs on me like a giant cat sitting on my chest. 
     Last night Sonny and I made Taka dinner. When he came home, I was miserable with foot pain. I tried to call Sonny to give his dad food, but he was asleep. Upon asking Taka to call Sonny, I received a reply from my husband, who stood mere few feet from Sonny's door, to use the phone to get him. Sonny was unavailable. Taka ate salad that was on the table already and made himself a cup-of-noodles. I got up, groaning and stumbling warmed dinner for him and put it in front of him. He didn't touch it. By his darkened expression I could see that he considered himself neglected and wronged by me. Sonny and I prepared some ice-cream and scones for our weekly family gathering. Instead of that, Taka closed himself off in the bedroom until he went to sleep. 
     I am so discouraged and hurt by his attitude. When he is sick, I make an extra effort to take care of him and provide everything for his comfort. He doesn't only ignore me at my time of need, he gets upset that something more is required from him at those times!

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