Thursday, October 10, 2013


     It didn't look like Chickie appreciated being followed like that at all. The truth is, he deserved it! All day he was getting in people's faces and into their plates, if those were left unattended on a table. When there was nothing else to do, he turned his attention to the kitchen cabinet that housed the cat food. Despite the fact that both cats' bowls were reasonably full, he pushed away the food dehydrator (another purchase by my hubby that only serves the purpose by being a cat deterrent) that propped the door.  A series of regular bangs were heard throughout the house, as he tried  to open the door  by hooking his claws in it and pulling hard. Sonny appeared and sprayed Chickie with water, but that cooled our feline, who was only doing all of that because he was bored to death, for a tiny bit. 

     As I looked over to the table, I saw Chickie sampling Taka's dinner! At my outrageous bellow, Sonny ran from his room and grabbed the cat by the scruff. Chickie hung from his grasp like a salami on a hook in a deli, his soulful eyes showing us that he was sufficiently chastened and will not continue in his pillaging ways .
     A few minutes later, we heard a lot of cat noises and banging somewhere in the back hallway. Sonny and I both went to investigate. In the laundry room Sylvie was sitting bug-eyed on the top shelf. The bottles of detergent, laundry bags and other implements were scattered around the floor and in the cat litter box. Chickie himself was sitting on the dryer, licking his paw and looking at us innocently.
     "Really, Chickie, really?!" Sonny's patience ran out. The cat felt it and tried to skedaddle out of there, but Sonny kept on following him, right at his tail. This way we all ended up in a living room. By that time, Chickie was squeaking and throwing desperate looks at me, like: "Help! This is highly uncomfortable!" I hardened my heart and avoided his eye balls. As the final punishment, Sonny closed the kitty in his room. We heard some more bangs, as Chickie tried to open that door, then - very sad meowing. Things were quiet for half an hour or so, until Sonny went to his room and found out that Chickie threw up in there!

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