Saturday, October 5, 2013


     I didn't expect much from this day. The pain in my ankle moved and now is a pain in the middle of my foot. I had to wear a post-op shoe where the doctor glued a wedge that lifts the back of my foot and releases the poor tendon from it's tension. The shoe was big, I had to pull the velcro straps tighter and tighter to keep it from sliding. Now my foot hurts where those straps were tightened. I can't even put a slipper on without feeling this cutting, gnawing ache. It's OK when I sit, mostly. The foot starts swelling and then it hurts. But when I walk or lie down, it's the worst. I didn't sleep much last night. The discomfort only stopped when I was lying on my right side. When the right side started to feel it's own discomfort, I had to turn and endure the foot ache all over again.
     A lot of whining, I know. But this is my blog, and I can whine if I want to!
     Living with the family and taking care of another person under the watchful eye of her jerky husband means that I can't let myself to just fall to pieces and do nothing all day. Especially with my jerky husband. I had to work to feed him and do my tending to Roberta. She had a hair appointment today (wash and set!). I took Sonny with me, and he was the one to help Roberta out of the car and hand her the walker. She gave me her debit card and told me to buy Sonny a meal. He didn't argue with that! We drove around a bit, he ate, then we got Roberta and came back home, only to go out again to shop for groceries. It was Sonny again who bought everything. Park was steaming mad that Roberta went out without him. What a baby!
     I did my crossword puzzle after coming home. When I sit, the foot doesn't hurt much, remember? I began falling asleep, though, right over the laptop. Park took care of that. He came and asked me to help him with ordering a credit card. I keep hoping that he will leave, once he gets his stuff in order, so I assisted him. Well, I would have done that regardless. 
     The escape into the dreamworld was blissful. Unfortunately, Taka works in the bedroom, and he kept harping on either me giving him dinner or going out to eat. I couldn't imagine walking on my foot, so I told him that he can take his own dinner or go out with Sonny and bring me something. 
     You know how, sometimes, you feel that your mind is all made up and then something happens that changes everything? After saying no to going out to eat over and over again, I remembered that I have to get Roberta's medicine from the pharmacy. It was going to close at six pm and stay closed through Sunday. I jumped in the car and drove to the pharmacy. Then I thought: "I'm already in the car. Why don't we go out to a restaurant?" And we did.
     Now everybody is happy. Except for Sonny who forgot to water the garden and now has to do it in the dark. By the way, his dad pays him a lot for doing chores! Of course, Sonny does a lot beyond his call duty, especially, with me being sick, but that's what the family is for, right?

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