Wednesday, October 30, 2013


     As Mr. P suggested (strongly), I went to a meeting of a group called Al Anon Family Group. You see, what I heard when Mr. P said that name a few times, was Alanon. It sounded interesting, even romantic that way and - not at all connected to it's true purpose. And the purpose of the Al Anon's Family Group is to be a forum or a support for the families of...(drum beat!) alcoholics! Al - Anon (Alcoholics Anonymous): get it? 
     To tell the truth, I was shocked. What does alcoholism have to do with me? I could spin it and say that an addiction to food is, well, also an addiction. But that group is for the families of the addicts! 
     As the meeting started with the necessary, according to the rules, readings and formalities, I almost fell asleep from boredom, but Mr. P was sitting where he could keep an eye on me, so I couldn't really doze off. 
     Who's life is not messed up? Whose relationships are not, at least, a little bit messy? May be the advice heard in that group could be beneficial to all who seek therapy and a resolution of some problem in their life. Doing my best to think positive like that, I forced myself to stay alert and see what I can glean from that meeting. 
     No matter what spin I put on me being there, as soon as the family members of real alcoholics and addicts spoke up, my own puny problems just simply faded to the background of my mind. Here were people who had to deal with kids getting sick or incarcerated or murdered because of their alcoholism. What was I going to share? How my husband used to break dishes when he was angry but now he is behaving so much better? I still think that I have nothing to do there. I wonder, what will Mr. P say to that at out next meeting?

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