Tuesday, October 15, 2013


     Today I all day listened to the old Russian songs. I know, it's my familiar tune (no pun intended). I think, I dozed off for a few moments. When I opened my eyes, Roberta was approaching the couches where I sat, with a smile. I quickly cleared everything from her path and an armchair, including Chickie. He resisted getting off until the last moment, finally plopping to the floor with an offended look at me. He decided not to nurse a grudge, but instead got into my arms and began to purr and lick and stick his nose into my ear. What a charmer!
     Roberta informed me (and now I am informing the whole world, I guess) that she and Park had one of the biggest fights of their married life. What about? Me! Yes, the troll is still harboring jealousy toward her relationship with me. That's despite the fact that I almost completely bowed out of that relationship! All I do is, cook for her sometimes, take her to appointments, take her blood pressure and dispense medicine, in other words, - he has her for himself most of the day and night. Anyway, what's there to be jealous about? We are friendly and even-tempered toward each other, that's all!
     She said that he called her a name and acted like he wanted to hit her. She told him that if he hit her, he'd better be ready to get up from the floor after that. He is much stronger, though. If it really came to a confrontation, there would be no contest between him and her. 
     What upsets me almost the most, is that he just smiles and nods to me these days. He hides his evil thoughts and only takes the bad mood out on Roberta. I hate duplicity!

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