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     Here is another installment of the adventures of Sonny and Joon.

     Whenever e-Pocalypsa emerged, she was usually in a dingy small room with clothes strewn all over the floor. She didn't care. It was not important for her to know even the name of a girl, whose alter ego she was. There was only one purpose in e-Pocalypsa's life - and that was to make the world miserable. Fortunately, her special computer skills were just, what she needed.
     e-Po stretched and yawned. This girl should really take better care of herself. Despite e-Po's superhuman energy, she could feel the consequences of the girl's staying up late last night. No matter, there were things to do!
     The computer screen softly glowed and the engine purred as e-Po logged in and started to amass data. Soon massive amounts of it will be downloaded into the University's computers and crrrash them! e-Po felt like she was floating, so great was her happiness at being able to thwart humanity's pursuit of knowledge. No one should know everything! Only a few chosen ones, like her, can access the unlimited pool of information!
     Suddenly the screen froze. e-Po tried to revive the laptop, but it gave out a strange moan and died. Rage overcame her. She banged the keyboard and felt it fly apart, the keys shooting in different directions.
     Who dared?! She dashed into another roommate's room to use their laptop. The students were all at the University at this time of the day. After furiously working for an hour, e-Po knew that it was not a simple break-down. By the end of the day, she knew whose computer was used to sabotage her efforts: Sonny Toyoda. Why was that name familiar to her?
     Sonny woke up at his desk, looking at the huge letters "TO". He slowly realized that he fell asleep on his book TOURISM: THE ART OF COMMUNICATION. For some reason, the tips of his fingers hurt, as if he typed intensely for many hours. He didn't remember doing that!
     While he was at his desk, he decided to check his e-mail. Among all kind of nonsense, there was an interesting item: "You won an all expenses paid cruise to Hawaii!" Sonny opened the file. It looked like a message from the travel agency on the corner of his street. Later that day, he stopped by there and asked if the e-mail was true. Looking really excited, but nervous, a clerk told him that it was!
     To the clerk it seemed like not even a second ago, this lanky young man was a usual 
inquirer, lost in the world of shiny posters and special terminology. He was waiting for him to come in ever since that strange woman called and made arrangements for her 'nephew' to secretly get a cruise trip as a gift. Suddenly, the man in front of him seemed to grow taller and more muscled. His face changed too, although in a subtle way. He now had a focused, sharp look about him.
     "Can I see the documentation regarding this contest?" - asked he. After hedging for a while, the clerk admitted that the contest was just the man's aunt's ruse to give him this trip. It was a relief when the stranger left, muttering something under his breath, even though the plan to send him on a free trip didn't work. The man refused the offer!
     Joon wondered, how this mysterious lady could so quickly find Sonny. It became clear that she had formidable skills and connections. This plot to get Sonny on a ship in the middle of the sea was an attempt to lure him into a confrontation. 
     e-Po was furious. Somehow, her efforts to get her enemy in place, where she could dispatch him quickly and without exposing herself, were fruitless. She had to think more creatively, didn't she?
     In the moments before Sonny was sucked into a virtual world, Joon emerged and took his place. It was a new sort of world for him, the environment whose laws he didn't know. Even so, he was ready for battle.
     Jugged boulders littered an alien looking plateau. The arid land stretched as far as the eye could see. In front of Joon stood a being like he never saw before. It's head looked like a wolf, with a young woman's face interposed on an animal's muzzle! She was dressed for battle, with very modern weapons strapped to her waist. The tail was that of a cat rather than a wolf, long, black and slick, whipping from side to side in an agitation. On the woman's cheek he saw something like a tattoo. 
     She snatched a gun from her hip and fired! Joon jumped up and forward and landed behind her. She whirled, the Taser's wires barely missing Jonn's chest because he bent low now, under the attack, and pushed her to the ground. Here her weapons were useless, but she proved to be incredibly strong and agile. With superhuman flexibility she managed to pin Joon to the ground and began to choke him. He felt that it was the end of him. Joon's hands raked the earth beside them, looking for anything that he could use to get the menace off of him. Her tail slushed him on the forehead and he grabbed it! Nothing else left to do, he bit it as hard as he could!
     The enemy screamed, let go of Joon and went limp. He pushed her off. There was no strength left in him to stand up, so he lay for a few minutes, examining her. The face could be beautiful, if it wasn't for the fangs poking from her lips. The tattoo turned out to be just smudged ink on her cheek. "See me! Prof. Belkin." - it said backwards. 

     Sonny never felt so drained in his whole life! He understood that he had one of his blackout episodes, but it didn't explain the weakness that he was experiencing now or the pain all over his body, as if he was in a fight. His neck felt the worst. When he looked in a mirror, he saw bruises and deep gauges on his neck, as if someone choked and clawed him. "I saw something like this on Supernatural! - he thought - "That's it, I'm going to see an exorcist!" 
     Three hundred miles North from him, his sister, Hanah, opened her eyes to find that she fell asleep at her desk as well. There was dull ache all over her body. She gazed into space groggily, until she felt a little more oriented in her room. Something was stuck to her cheek. She felt it with her hand. A note was stuck there. It said: "See me! Prof. Belkin." 

This is Sonny. Or it Joon?

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