Saturday, October 26, 2013


     Mary and I went to the pool again. Next week she will start the Weight Management Program. Mary is a very unconventional soul. When she went to doctor to discuss her blood test before starting  the Program, she found out that she has Diabetes. The doctor tried to impress upon her the importance of taking medicine and checking her blood sugar level a few times a day. 
     Mary said: "N-O!" She has her own views on health issues. For example, and we talked about all of that while meandering back and forward in the pool, - she says (after researching the matter) that elevated blood sugar is the result of the body's inability to process carbohydrates. So - there are some elements that can help us process the carbs, like Betadine.
     I only heard that word used to describe an antiseptic solution. Perhaps, she meant something else, after all, she purchased it in a pill form and will start taking it immediately. Another way to decrease blood sugar is to exercise. That works, I did it numerous times myself (not enough, mind you!). Mary said that doing repetitive weight pushing  makes your muscle start to absorb carbs instead of them being stashed in your bloodstream.   
     I am not sure, what I feel. I am a little depressed that I am not going to start the Weight Management Program with Mary, after all, it's so much easier to do those things with a friend's support. I am also a little relieved that I don't have to live on those ghastly shakes and nutrition bars and powder soups just yet. I will do so in the new year, won't I? 
     For now, I will just stick with pool, Betadine pills Mary bought me a bottle too) and, maybe, get me some hand weights. 
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